List of Approvals

  1. Industrial Enterprise Memorandum (IEM) for Large Industries
  2. GST Registration
  3. Land Allocation
  4. Consent to Establish under Water and Air Act
  5. Conversion of Land Use
  6. Registration of Property
  7. Building Plan Approval
  8. Registration under Odisha Shop and Commercial Establishment Act,1956
  9. Permission for Ground Water use, if ground water is the source
  10. Allocation/Permission for surface water source
  11. Approval of Factory Plan
  1. Udhyog Aadhar for MSME Industries
  2. Registration for Profession Tax
  3. Consent to Operate under Water and Air Act
  4. No Objection Certificate from Fire Department
  5. Registration and Licensing of Factories
  6. Inspection of Boilers & issue of provisional orders to operate boilers
  7. Registration of Boilers
  8. Steam Pipeline Drawing Approval
  9. Endorsement of Certificates of Boiler Operation Engineers, Boiler Attendants and Welders issued by other States
  10. Registration of establishment under Contract Labour(R & A)Act,1970
  11. License for contractors under provision of The Contracts Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970
  12. Registration under Industrial Employment Standing Order Act, 1946
  13. Trade License
  14. Permission for Water Supply connection
  15. Building Occupancy Certificate
  16. Permission for Power Supply connection
  17. License under Drug and Cosmetics Act
  18. Permission under Hazardous Waste (Handling & Management) Rules

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