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e Biz Online Portal in Odisha

Registrations, Applications, Approvals and Renewals…Just a Few Clicks Away

eBiz online portal has been created as a one-stop-shop for convenient and efficient online G2B services for the business community. It has been envisioned as a means to reduce the complexity in obtaining information and services related to staring businesses in India, and dealing with licenses and permits across the business lifecycle.

Government of Odisha has integrated 15 services from the State and made it available on the eBiz online portal to enable hassle-free processes for the investors. 9 more services will be integrated soon and all registration, application, approval and renewal related services will be available on the portal for easy access by the investors.

Salient Features of the portal: Customized List of Licenses, Clearances and Registrations:

The eBiz online portal allows the business user to choose type of industry through the ‘Guide Me’ Wizard. Based on the selection by a prospective investor, a customized detailed list of permits and licenses is generated which enables the investor to proceed with the required processes for setting up an industry.

Online Application and Payment Gateway:

The major function of the portal is to enable online services for the prospective investors. The portal allows the prospective investors to create a customized list of required permits and licenses and once the investor receives this list, they can go ahead and apply online for all the required licenses. Scanned copy of the required annexure can also be uploaded to the portal. To ensure no physical touch point requirement for the investors, the portal also has an integrated payment gateway. After the submission of the applications, the portal calculates the required fees to be paid by the investor for various clearances which can be paid online.

Application Status Tracking:

The portal not only ensures online application and payment, but also allows the investor to track the application status. This ensures a transparent framework for timeline delivery of services and allows the investor to know the updated status of the application vis-à-vis the timelines for approvals stipulated by the Government. The system sends e-mail and SMS alerts to the user on any change in the status of the application.

Online Interaction with Departments:

Another novel feature of the eBiz online portal is to connect the prospective investor with the concerned departments on a digital platform. This enables the investor to interact with the concerned departments and ensures swift resolution of issues for applications, if any. The system also allows submission of additional documents. Through this feature, the concerned department(s) can seek clarifications from the investor and receive immediate response leading of quick disposal of the applications.

Online copies of Licenses, Registration Certificates and other clearance letters:

On acceptance of an application, the investor can download online copy of approval, license, registration certificate or clearance letter. This feature ensures that the investor need not visit the various concerned Departments for any task and the complete end-to-end process is carried out without requirement of physical presence of the investor.

Services integrated with eBiz Portal:

The following services of Government of Odisha concerning various approvals/clearances have already been integrated with the eBiz portal to ensure hassle-free services for the investors:

  1. Project evaluation-cum-land allotment for the project
  2. Registration under the Boilers Act, 1923
  3. Registration under the Odisha Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1956
  4. Registration of Establishment employing Contract Labour
  5. Permission to draw Water for Industries-Surface Water
  6. Permission to draw Water for Industries-Ground Water
  7. Approvals of Plan under Factories Act, 1948
  8. Application for New Power connection
  9. Permission for Site and Building by the Housing and Urban Development department
  10. Factories License under Factories Act, 1948
  11. VAT Registration of the business
  12. CST Registration of the business
  13. Consent to Establish under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
  14. Consent to Operate under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
  15. Building completion certificate by the Housing & Urban Development department


Navigation Steps for Investors:

The following steps could be followed by an investor to submit any application through the eBiz portal:

  1. Open the website using the URL:
  2. The user has to enter the login credentials if already registered. If not, then register on the portal.
  3. Select the “Upload and Submit Form” tab and select appropriate data from the respective options.
  4. Enter the fee details and proceed. The invoice of the payment will be displayed along with fields to enter Name and Address.
  5. On the payment gateway page, select the payment option and preferred bank from the drop down boxes. User will be directed to the chosen Bank and can proceed to make the required payment.
  6. Once Payment is made, click on ‘Return to eBiz’. Users redirected to the eBiz webpage.
  7. On eBiz portal, eBiz Payment Receipt is generated with the summary of transaction along with the generated Application Number, which could be used to track the status of the application.
  8. User can check the status of the submitted application by selecting “Status” tab. To view the detailed history of the application the user may click on the application hyperlink.
  9. In case a concerned department seeks clarification, the application comes back into the applicant’s inbox with status as “Resubmission Required”.
  10. The user can make necessary changes, upload new documents and resubmit the application by clicking on ‘Resubmit”. Once re-submitted the status of the Application changes to “Resubmission Complete” and the application is transferred to the concerned department for further processing.

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