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Application for Enrollment/Renewal as a Boiler Manufacturer/ Erector/ Repairer

General Instructions

Based on the geographical location of the factory and the no. of employees proposed to be employed, and the application will be routed to the designated Divisional Deputy Director/ Assistant Director of Factories & Boilers for assessment and conducting field verification. Upon approval, certificate for recognition as Boiler Manufacturer/ Erector/ Repairer will be issued to the applicant that will be valid throughout the State of Odisha.

Prior to applying to this service, if the applicant has applied for PEAL, the first section of the Application for Enrollment/ Renewal as a Boiler repairer/ Erector/ Manufacturer will get auto-populated from the PEAL form. Applicant who did not fill the PEAL form, will have to fill all the fields.

Fields marked with ‘*’ are mandatory and should be filled in before submitting the form on the single window portal. Leaving fields blank in the Form is not allowed. In case applicants wish not to enter data in a field, they can put “NA” if it is a text/description field or a “0”, if it is a numeric field. In case of errors, the form will show an error message. The applicant may correct the data and save the form again.

Some of the fields can accept multiple values. If the applicant wishes to furnish more than one item, he may use the “+” button to add more rows. Similarly, if he wishes to remove a row, he may use “x” button.

Applicants can attach documents in digital format as documentary evidences which the department will use for verification. Clicking on the choose button will let them select the document to be uploaded. Before submitting the document, they needs to ensure that all the information furnished by them is satisfactory and correct to the best of their knowledge and understanding. After checking that the information furnished in all the fields are in order, they can submit the application by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

After the form is successfully submitted, applicants can pay the required fees either online or offline. The fees required to be paid is as follows:

Service Fees required to be paid
Grant of Boiler Manufacturer/Erector/Repairer Certificate 20,000/-
Renewal of Boiler Manufacturer/Erector Certificate 5,000/-

Renewal of Boiler Repairer Certificate

1.Special Type

2.Classes 1, 2 or 3




If they wish to pay offline, they may choose the ‘Over the Counter’ option on the Cyber Treasury payment gateway. A challan with the account details of the department will then be generated. The applicant will take the hard copy of the challan to the nearest branch of the bank selected and deposit the amount either by Cash, or by means of Demand Draft. Once the fee is processed by the bank, the bank will send a transaction ID via SMS, which then will have to be entered on the Cyber Treasury portal to complete the application process.

Upon payment the applicant will receive an SMS & Email notification with the application number from the single window portal.

Checklist of Documents

The applicant will need to attach the following documents with the application:

1.       Documents in respect of additional facilities

2.      Experience Certificate and Declaration for all Supervisors, Operators/Fitters and Welders.

3.      Scanned copy of Photo of Applicant

4.      Scanned copy of Signature of Applicant


Application for Enrollment as a Boiler repairer/ Erector/ Manufacturer is provided within 15 working days from the date of submission of application. Renewal as Boiler repairer/ Erector/ Manufacturer is provided within 7 days. The department can however raise queries on the application within 7 working days of receipt of application.

Field Instructions
Sl#. Field Name Instructions
1 Applied For Select if applying for Boiler Manufacturer, Erector or Repairer
2 Name & Address of the Applicant Enter the name and address of the applicant. District and Block can be selected from the dropdown list.
3 Organization Details Name and Address of the organization the applicant represents. District and Block can be selected from the dropdown list.
4 Details of Professional Experience Enter Professional Experience of the Applicant in executing similar work.
5 Facilities at his command Enter details of welding machines, plate bending machines, etc. at the command of the applicant. Enter as many units of such machines as available.
6 Details of Supervisors, Welders, Operators, etc. Enter details of professional experience of all Supervisors, Welders and Operators/Fitters proposed to be engaged in the manufacturing/erecting/repairing the boiler


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