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Building plan approval

General Instructions

To streamline the processes, reduce efforts and time for processing Building Plan Approval, Department of Housing & Urban Development, Government of Odisha has introduced the onlineBuilding Plan Approval System (BPAS). The application covers Common Application Form (CAF) and allows easy online submission, verification and approval from all concerned agencies through a single application form. As an online system, the BPAS can be accessed by any time anywhere. The software application enables the users to register, apply for a new building plan, make online payments and receives approval online.

User Type Description Access Point
Citizen Users who want to apply for building plan approval for commencement of building.

a) Apply CAF online

b) Track status online

c)Online payment of fees

d) Download certificates

Technical Person Architects, Civil Engineers etc. who will apply for Building Plan & Occupancy to the Authority

a)Download BPAS client utility

b)Prepare AutoCAD drawing file

c)Apply CAF online

dTrack status

e)Online payment of fees

f)Download certificates

Checklist of Documents

i)    Self signed Ownership document

ii)   Copy of certificate of registration of Architect

iii)  Plan details

iv)  Affidavit

v)   Photographs of the sites


Building Permit for Low Risk Buildings is provided within 15 working days from the date of receipt of complete application. For all buildings other than Low Risk buildings, Building Permit is provided within 30 working days from the date of receipt of complete application. The department can however raise queries on the application within 7 working days of receipt of application.

Fees: Every application submitted for building operation or development, under rule 3 shall be accompanied by fees as specified in the Table below:
SL Detail of Construction and Area Fee in
(1) (2) (3)
(A) Fee for development of land Rs 5.00 per square
(B) Fee for building operation  
  (i) For residential building (covered area on all floors)  
(a) Upto 100 square meters Rs. 250.00
(b) Above 100 square meters and upto 300 square Rs. 150 per


SL Detail of Construction and Area Fee in
    square meter
(c) Above 300 square meters Rs. 10.00 per square meter
(ii) For Commercial building (Business, Mercantile, Shops , Hotels, Public Assembly Buildings, Show Rooms, Business Offices, Godowns, Warehouses, Banks, Cinemas, Theatre, Clubs etc. ) ( Covered Area on all floors)  
(a) Upto 20 square meters Rs. 500.00
(b) Above 20 and upto 50 square meters Rs. 50.00
(c) Above 50 square meters Rs. 20.00 per square meter
(iii) For Industrial buildings (Covered area on all floors)  
(a) Upto 100 square meters Rs. 1500.00
(b) Above 100 and upto 300 square meters Rs. 25.00 per square meter
(c) Above 300 square meters Rs. 15.00 per square meter
(iv) For public buildings (Educational, Religious, Government, Local Bodies uses) (Covered area on all floors) Rs. 5.00 per square meter
Inspection for Construction Permit
Inspection for Occupancy Certificate

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