Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha (IPICOL) is the single-point of contact for all industrial investments in the State.


We want to become the investment destination of choice by continuously creating and delivering outstanding opportunities for business growth, fostering all-round socio-economic development for the State and its people.


We seek to maximize Odisha’s economic potential by leveraging our strengths in our focus sectors, creating a business-friendly environment and an inclusive economy.

Major functions of IPICOL


IPICOL is responsible for devising the investment promotion, facilitation and aftercare strategy for the State of Odisha.

Investment Promotion

IPICOL, as the investment promotion agency of the State of Odisha undertakes the following activities to promote Odisha as the investment destination of choice:

  1. Participate in National and International industrial events to showcase the investment opportunities in the State
  2. Organize national and international roadshows to raise awareness about Odisha
  3. Invite major industrial representatives for panels, G2B meetings and workshops on Odisha’s industrial potential
  4. Undertake promotional activities across various media for the State
  5. Design and develop the content which will be shared to increase Odisha’s visibility in the global stage
Investor Targeting

IPICOL identifies potential industries which are targeted for investment in Odisha. The industries are identified using the following criteria:

  1. Plans for expansion or growth
  2. Past interest in Odisha/India
  3. Significant growth in the past years
  4. Alignment of their product portfolio with the State’s target sectors
  5. Change in management and/or direction of the industry
Investment Facilitation

The following facilitation activities are undertaken by IPICOL for all potential investors:

  1. Receive and answer all their queries regarding investment in Odisha
  2. Handholding the industries during the entire investment lifecycle
  3. Support in using the online portals for various applications
  4. Furnishing of any required information for the industrial unit
  5. Work on their behalf to get all the required approvals from concerned Departments
  6. Assessment of land, water and electricity requirements
  7. Any other activity to support the growth of the industry in Odisha
  8. Support in identification of ideal land parcels through GO PLUS
Industrial Aftercare

IPICOL is also responsible to supporting the smooth operations of existing industrial in the State. As part of this the following activities are undertaken:

  1. Grievance receipt and resolution through e-Suvidha portal and SPMG meetings
  2. Organization of industry-care events to provide a platform for industries to reach-out with their issues
  3. Support in compliance inspection processes through GO SMILE
  4. Processing of applications for various incentives applications through GO SWIFT
  5. Support in alignment of CSR activities of the industrial unit with the development goals of the State through the GO CARE portal
Research and Advocacy

Apart from the Industrial Policy Resolution 2015, the State has sector specific policies which address the particular requirements of each sectors. IPICOL promulgates or support concerned Departments to promulgate the required policies to support industries

Systems and Technology

IPICOL has developed the online Single Window portal, GO SWIFT i.e. Government of Odisha – Single Window for Investor Facilitation and Tracking, to transform the B2G interface through the entire investment lifecycle. GO SWIFT is a key business reform undertaken by the state government with the objective to provide all requisite information/clearances to investors in a hassle-free and paper-less manner.