Odisha Fisheries Policy, 2015

Context & Objective

The Fisheries policy 2015, has been designed with an objective of transforming Odisha “To be a pioneer in aquaculture development & fisheries extension for ensuring food security, livelihood, welfare of fishers and employment generation”

Ease of Doing Business

  • Single Window Clearance to facilitate time bound clearances to investment
  • A three-tier single window clearance mechanism to facilitate speedy implementation of industrial projects is in place

Infrastructure & Development

Tank/ Pond
  • 15,000 ha tank/ pond area will be developed for freshwater aquaculture in 30 districts by 2020
  • 1500 ha from the existing ponds under the purview of GP and Revenue Department shall be brought under scientific culture
Fish Seed Production 20 new hatcheries will be set up with a planned capacity for producing 30 crore fish seed and 3 feed mills will be promoted for producing 30,000 tonnes of feed per year

Skill Development

Initiatives for Capacity building at four levels

  • Individual fishers
  • State fisheries department personnel
  • NGOs, Fisheries cooperatives
  • The unemployed youth and entrepreneurs
  • Proposal for a State-of-the-art Fishery Training Center
Large-scale fish farmers
  • Necessary incentives and tax holidays for production of 10 tonnes/ha or more
Export incentives
  • Duties, taxes and cess on export of fish and fishery products, on packaging material, machinery, will be rationalized
Working capital
  • Increasing the limit on enterprise size qualifying the fish/ shrimp producers/ processors for priority lending
  • Provision of working capital for primary fishery cooperative societies
  • Providing insurance cover to fish ponds, along with standing crop, fishing/ aquaculture instruments/ equipment
  • Insurance in inland aquaculture by providing necessary incentives to attract insurance companies for coverage of fish seed farms and fish culture
Fisheries in Tank/Ponds
  • Promotion of intensive aquaculture with top up subsidy
  • Interest subvention on short term and long term Loan
  • Subsidy on establishment of Commercial Agri-enterprises and incentive for equipment/ implements
  • Incentivizing use of pellet fish feed for increasing the productivity
Fish Seed Production
  • Schemes for promotion of fish seed hatchery with top up subsidy
  • Incentivizing fingerling production in private sector under Commercial Agri-Enterprise category
Sustainable coastal aquaculture
  • Approach road/ dedicated power feeder to the fishery clusters
  • 15 no’s shrimp & 50 no’s of fish hatcheries will be promoted with 25% incentive
  • Scheme/ projects for setting up 50 no’s of fish hatcheries will be promoted with 25% incentive
  • Scheme/ projects for vannamei culture will be promoted with 25% incentive
Marine Fisheries
  • 25% incentive will be introduced for harnessing deep sea fishery resources by assisting entrepreneur for intermediary crafts, Tuna liner etc
Post-harvest Infrastructure support & marketing
  • Approach road of 100km to fishery clusters will be provided to facilitate fish production & export in 5 years
  • Dedicated power feeder to 2000 no fishery clusters will be provided to facilitate fish production & export with 25% incentive in 5 years