Automated Post Allotment Application (APAA). 

Post Allotment Services on Your Fingertips  

The State of Odisha has implemented the Automated Post Allotment Application (APAA)for smooth management of existing MSME business units associated with IDCO. This portal has been developed to facilitate online registrations, applications for any post allotment matters, online payments, application tracking and processing activities.

The portal has been envisioned to reduce the steps involved in the application process. It also enables the units to download the sanctioned letters, removing all physical interfaces between them and IDCO, thus reducing the burden on both.

Salient Features of the Portal:

Online Registration: To avail the services provided by the portal the units need to register themselves online. A registered unit is provided with unique user credentials through e-mail. The units will use these credentials for all future post allotment services.

Online Application and Payment Gateway:Online applications for all post allotment services have been enabled by this portal. The units can also pay their statutory dues like Ground Rent, Cess, and IMC Charges along with the processing fee for the post allotment request online through the payment gateway integrated with this portal. This ensures that the units enjoy hassle-free services from the comfort of their offices.

Application Status Tracking:To ensure prompt servicing of the applications the portal enables the units to track and monitor the progress of their applications. The system also sends e-mail and SMS alerts to the user to alert them aboutany change in the application status. A dedicated mobile application has also been developed for checking the status of the application.

Online Process and Approval: The internal processing in terms of document verification, authentication and field survey will be carried out using this application. Each stakeholder has been provided with a unique login credential to access the application allowing them to receive requests, process them and provide prompt approvals. The final office order is also communicated to the units through the application. By digitizing the entire process this application saves valuable timefor the associated officials and units.

Online generation of Demand:The demand notice for the statutory dues of the existing units is generated through the system based on the provisionsdefined by IDCO. This demand notice can be viewed by accessing the application and is subsequently communicated to the respective units through emails or SMS.

Services offered in APAA: 

The following services related to post allotment maters are being provided in Automated Post Allotment Application:

  • Change in Name & Style
  • Change of Activity from Industry to industry
  • Change of Activity from Industry to Social Infrastructure
  • Change of Constitution
  • NOC for right mortgage permission
  • Reconstitution of Directors and Partners
  • Revocation of Cancellation of allotment
  • Surrender of Plot
  • Transfer of lease hold property for the balance lease period
  • Transfer of lease hold property under U/s- 29/SFC Act 1951
  • Transfer of Ownership of lease hold property by inheritants family members 


 The application also enables other activities like:

  • Any query related to Post allotment matters
  • Correction in Statutory dues

Navigation Steps for Business Units: 

The following steps must be followed by the units to submit any post allotment application through APAA portal:

  • Open the website using the URL: www.idco.in
  • Registered users can enter the login credentials and access the portal. New users have to register on the portal.
  • Choose New Application from the menu bar. A form will be visible mentioning the list of activities. Choose Post allotment activity type from the drop down box.
  • Fill the description and other necessary details in the text box.
  • Select the buttons for fresh application or already applied(in case the entrepreneur have previously applied to IDCO manually and kept the copy of the money receipt for processing fees towards the application)
  • Upload all the required documents as required by the application. Fill the document reference numberand date if available in the text box.
  • Check the dialogue box to accept the terms & conditions
  • Click on the Apply button. It will redirect to the payment screen for clearance of dues and processing fee.
  • On the payment gateway pay the required fees by selecting the mode of payment.
  • After the payment has been successful, apply online by submitting the draft request.


Helpdesk for any assistance: There is a dedicated helpdesk deployed in order to assist the units during online registration, payment or post allotment or application. The units can call the toll free number 1800-345-7133 or send email to helpdesk@idco.in .  The helpdesk operative between 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.