Land Bank Information

Industrial Land Banks

The Industries Department, Government of Odisha has developed GO PLUS (Govt. Odisha Portal for Land use and Services) System to display real time information with regards to industrial land in the State.

The system provides detailed information pertaining to industrial land with regards to availability of plots and location specific attributes in terms of connectivity, rail and road linkages and other utilities. The system also provides information about the existing industries and  physical, health and educational infrastructure available in the vicinity of the  land.

The zoning of the industrial areas in terms of environmental aspects as Green, Orange and Red has been incorporated in the Land Information System to enable an investor decide on the location for investment based on the proposed business activities.

Through the System, a prospective investor can also get information about the key attributes of existing industries operational in a particular area such as sector of operation, products, capacity, employment, raw material linkages etc.

The GO PLUS System in Avaliable on